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San Diego Traffic Lawyers

Why You Need a License in San Diego County

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San Diego County covers 4526 square miles (that’s roughly the size of the State of Connecticut!) which are connected by 4 major interstate highways, 9 State Routes and 1000s of miles of surface street roads. Unless you live and work downtown, have no social life, never go to the beach, have no interests, no family to visit, never visit the doctor, never visit a bank, have no hobbies, never go on a date, have no relationships and are content to live as a 21st century hermit, quite simply a driver’s license in San Diego is a necessity of life.


Why You Lost Your License does not Matter

Unpaid tickets, prior convictions for DUI, accidents and unpaid child support and too many “traffic points” are only some of the many reasons that the DMV can send you that letter with the dreaded phrase “NOTICE OF SUSPENSION.” And from that moment on, your quality of life in San Diego, your ability to seek and maintain a job, provide for yourself and your family, and your very dignity are all at stake. If you have upcoming outstanding tickets, stay on top of them by contacting us now!

Driving without Your License is a BAD Idea

Many people keep driving anyway. Naively, believing that there are just too many other drivers on the road and they will get away with it. That’s the trap. Last year, more than forty-five percent (45%) of the arrest warrants serviced by this office related to charges of suspended license and outstanding traffic tickets. It is a gateway into the criminal court system (fines, tow yards, criminal complaints, even jail) that you do not want to enter.

Attorneys with the Experience to get Your License Back!

You are not alone, our attorneys can help. With over 15 years of San Diego legal experience including representation of clients at literally hundreds (100s) of California DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings we can pursue your license reissuance with both the compassion and proven tactics to get you moving again. We know how to cut through the red tape, get quick answers from DMV field offices and can often times spare you the need to wait on hold for hours (or worse) in line at the DMV. (Our Clients are often AMAZED at how many of their DMV issues can be solved by 1 attorney phone call!)


The Best Part: You’ve already taken the 1st Step!

By deciding to do your research into fixing this problem you have found your way to legal protection and assistance to get you back on the road. You are already moving in the direction of being a legitimate, licensed driver! Call our office at (619) 840-4566, or fill out the easy form on the right side of this page.

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