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Some Amazing Recent Results Achieved By Ertz Law Group

Amazing Results in San Diego Felony Litigation*

Legal Situations faced by a San Diego Client
Client arrested/charged with residential "hot prowl" burglary, assault on a federal law enforcement officer, witness intimidation and vandalism.
Burglary, assault and vandalism charges dismissed, misdemeanor plea to witness intimidation, credit for time served, USMC career not effected.
Client arrested for attempted murder (PC 187/664). Victim transported by helicopter following multiple stab wounds. Client on the run, in hiding, for 2 days before arrest.
Client pleaded guilty to misdemeanor accessory charge, credit for time served, $100 fine.
Client arrested for hand to hand sale to police officer. Client had 3 prior prison commitments for theft and drugs. Client failed to appear for hearing while on bail, charged with additional felony complaint. Total exposure: 7 Years Prison
  Failure to Appear Case Dismissed. Client sentenced on underlying drug case after lengthy continuance to tend to family.  Client received probation, No Jail Time.  
Client arrested/charged with felony elder abuse and forgery after admitting to stealing/forging multiple checks from 90 year old patients.
All charges reduced to misdemeanors, no jail time.
Client arrested/charged with assault and vandalism. Client had previous prison prior for crime of violence.
Probation with Work Furlough.
Client arrested/charge with felony evading and DUI following high speed chase. Felony conviction would end Navy Career, void $150,000 GI Bill.
All charges reduced to misdemeanors, probation. Client permitted to remain in Navy, GI Benfits maintained.

Amazing Results in San Diego Felony Warrants Cases*

Legal Situations faced by a San Diego Client
Active felony warrant for 5th violation of probation, Judge: "the next time I see you, young lady, you are going to prison."
Warrant recalled, residential rehab, no jail time
Client arrested during traffic stop for outstanding felony warrant
Warrant recalled, credit for time served
7 year old felony bench warrant for transportation for sales of cocaine.
Warrant recalled, Judge ordered 100 hours community service, no jail time

Amazing Results in San Diego Misdemeanor Litigation*

Legal Situations faced by a San Diego Client
Client arrested when MPs discover drugs in vehicle at checkpoint while entering San Diego Marine Corps Recruiting Depot [MCRD]. Client faced Federal Charges.
All charges dismissed by the United States Attorney. No jail time.
Client arrested for indecent exposure at a public pool. Multiple witnesses including an off duty police officer.
Case dismissed by the District Attorney. No jail time, no criminal record.

Amazing Results in San Diego Misdemeanor Warrant Cases*

Legal Situations faced by a San Diego Client
Misdmeanor Warrant for failure to complete Court ordered DVRP classes, Client failed 2 previous times.
Warrant recalled, client permitted to re-enroll in DVRP classes, no jail time.
Client discovered San Diego misdemeanor arrest warrant while visiting sick relative in Tijuana, Mexico.
Warrant recalled, client made safe border crossing, no jail time.

Amazing Results in San Diego DUI Cases*

Legal Situations faced by a San Diego Client
Client arrested for DUI .11 Blood Alcohol Level.
Reduction of charge to wet reckless.
Client arrested/charged for DUI .12 Blood Alcohol Level, admitted driving to officers at time of arrest.
DUI charges dismissed client entered plea to disturbing the peace, client's USMC career unaffected
Client's commercial driver's license suspended by DMV following DUI arrest with traffic accident.
Attorney petitioned DMV for a renewed hearing. During cross examination, DMV expert forced to admit to client’s sobriety. Client’s commercial driver’s license reinstated.
Client arrested for 2nd DUI, no recollection of driving or arrest.
DUI charges dismissed, client entered plea to being drunk in public

*All accounts genuine and relayed with Client's written consent. All legal situations are distinct, result is not a predictor or guarantee of future outcomes.
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