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Common Crime

The “Common Crime” by the “Uncommon Criminal.”

Like many if not most people arrested and charged with DUI, you work a steady job, pay your taxes, even voted on the “tough on crime” proposition in the last election. You have never been arrested before. Your friends, family, coworkers, boss, pastor, parents, professors and colleagues would have thought of you as the last person to be spending the night in jail. But there you are.

Common Crime

Defending your DUI Case

Our Attorneys have successfully defended 1000s of San Diegans* in Court against Felony and Misdemeanor DUI Charges*. Our defense is comprehensive and all clients are provided with defense on the Superior Court side as well as in the complex DUI Admin Per Se Hearing quasi-judicial process. We contract with expert investigators and scientists and have successfully challenged the blood alcohol readings provided by police in DMV and Court Proceedings. San Diego is entirely too large to not have a license and Jail time just disrupts everything, so a strong defense of DUI charges is crucial to your profession and your family.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in San Diego, it’s important to know your legal rights as given under the law, as well as exercise them. All too often, those charged with a DUI are under the false impression that they simply have to go along with what the police and courts tell them, and often, this ends with a DUI conviction.

The fact is, you deserve to have your side of the story heard in court, and a San Diego DUI attorney can help you do just that. A San Diego DUI defense lawyer can meet with you to discuss the specifics of your case, and then they can set to work, investigating your case and defending your good name in court. Just as police officers are cracking down on DUI offenders across the country, San Diego DUI officers are hard at work, trying to convict as many intoxicated drivers as possible. However, as a result, many innocent people often get dragged into a DUI charge. If you feel that you have been one of these innocent people, you owe it to yourself to have a San Diego DUI lawyer review your case and defend you in court.

During a DUI stop, the officers involved have very specific guidelines that they must legally follow. As well, their machinery, such as a Breathalyzer, must be checked and calibrated on a regular basis, and the officers that are using such devices must maintain proper training standards. Unfortunately, these same officers often go unchecked, as does their machinery, and this can result in a wrongful conviction in court. A San Diego DUI defense lawyer will know the specific items to check for in your case to ensure that you were treated fairly during your arrest, and they will know what questions to ask of officers in court in order to maintain that fairness during a trial.

Because of this, it’s typically a bad idea to try to represent yourself in court. While everyone has the legal right to do so, because most people lack the legal training that a qualified attorney possesses, those representing themselves in court often get lost within the formality and complexity of the legal system. Additionally, because such people are unsure of what questions to ask and what items to investigate, they often end up with a DUI conviction. Hiring a DUI lawyer can save you time and money, as they will be able to cut to the heart of your case, as well as potentially help you beat your DUI charge in court.

When looking for a qualified legal professional, it is important to take your time and research various attorneys. Not all San Diego attorneys specialize in DUIs, so in order to find the best DUI attorney San Diego has to offer, you should spend some real time researching things such as the experience level and legal history of a potential DUI attorney, as you will certainly want to find the most experienced DUI lawyer San Diego has to offer. Getting the best DUI defense San Diego offers may also come at an extra premium, but you simply can not put a price on your freedom, as well as your good name. You may want to perform an internet search with search terms such as “DUI San Diego” to find local attorneys that can work with your case.

Remember, no matter the circumstances of your DUI case, you have legal rights that can not be ignored. Even though you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you are declared innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and you need to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side in order to maintain that innocence. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim; contact a DUI attorney today to get peace of mind, as well as regain your good name!

*All legal situations are different and information not intended as legal advice. Always consult an attorney before taking any legal action.

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