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  • Defending You for all charges (Felony, Misdemeanor, DUI, DMV/Traffic) in all 4 of the San Diego County Courthouses: Downtown, El Cajon, South Bay and Vista.

With more than 12 years’ experience, the Ertz Group Law firm has established itself as a premier criminal defense law firm.

Consulting local San Diego attorney services is wise. With over 15 years of litigation experience, The Ertz Law group understands the San Diego Court System, servicing both English and Spanish speaking communities. Our localized experience offers San Diego attorney services that are above average.

Resolve your legal problems with a visible, respected San Diego Defense attorney who strives to bring quality service. Abby L. Ertz and Marcus E. DeBose are San Diego Defense Attorneys who will provide excellent case management. The Ertz Law Group will fight for you, demanding the respect you deserve. Our firm offers cream-of-the-crop attorneys that specialize in civil litigation and criminal defense cases.

With the best strategies, the Ertz Group will assign a San Diego trial lawyer who will develop your case for quality representation. After your initial consultation, the Ertz Group will assign a San Diego trial lawyer with extensive experience in domestic violence, probation violations, traffic tickets, DUIs, misdemeanor warrants, felony litigation, and felony warrants. With expertise in court procedure, our services are stellar.

We are San Diego attorneys who “really care,” compared to other firms. We are savvy litigation specialist who will provide answers to all of your questions. With an Ertz Law Group attorney, rest assured your case will be handled by the best San Diego Attorney. Many firms offer competitive legal services with other attorneys San Diego County has, but the Ertz Law Group leads the way.

If you need a lawyer in San Diego, a lawyer San Diego savvy who can answer questions such as, “How does a DMV Hearing differ from a Superior Court Trial?” “What is an Arraignment?” “What is a ‘strike offense’ and do they ever go away?” “What is a Trial Readiness Conference compared to a Preliminary Hearing?” Our San Diego attorney group is a legal resource with services provided by a lawyer in San Diego who can help.

You’ve visited the right website address for excellent consultation from dedicated lawyers San Diego recognizes, providing clients with that “personal touch.” Work with the best attorneys San Diego has. Surely an attorney San Diego friendly, passionate, successful, and resourceful is necessary for the best outcome.

After you check-out other San Diego lawyers, be sure you hire one who will provide good representation at minimal fees. Good San Diego lawyers know the law, are recognized leaders in the legal profession, and should set the example. Our firm has the best San Diego Lawyer for your case who will work closely with you from start to finish. Contact the best lawyer San Diego offers.

Speak to a professional lawyer from the Ertz Law Group at your earliest convenience. Take advantage of the best legal team available in San Diego; get in touch with a San Diego lawyer who will fight hard for you; receive consultation assisted by an excellent staff and the best attorney San Diego can offer - San Diego attorneys familiar with local laws and issues that concern the San Diego community. The Ertz Law Group is able to meet your needs.

An Ertz Law Group client said it best; "I called the Ertz Law Group on the spur of the moment. They gave me the assurance that I needed.” Our clients immediately feel our compassion from lawyers San Diego knows from significant verdicts and fair settlements, and from experience dealing with a multitude of cases. Our offices are open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week, on-call 24 hours a day.

For high-powered attorneys who will go the extra mile, the Ertz Law Group provides experience and expertise. For free consultation, call or text (619) 840-4566 and speak to our staff today.

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Our Satisfied Clients can say it better than we can...

I called the Ertz Law Group on the spur of the moment. I immediately felt confident, totally confident in my attorney's abilities. They gave me the assurance that I needed. I had gotten in trouble some time back and now it was catching up with me. I ...

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"What is an Arraignment?"

"What is a 'strike' offense?"

"Do 'strikes' ever go away?"

"What is a Trial Readiness Conference?"

"What is a Preliminary Hearing?"

"I received a Notify Letter from the District Attorney."

"What should I do?"

"Where are the Branches of the San Diego Superior Court Located?"

"What is Custodial Inertia"

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2012 OTL Tournament


2010 OMBAC "OTL" Tournament July 10, 2010


The Ertz Law Group was pleased to sponsor a team at this year's World Championship of "Over the Line" (OTL) on July 10, 2010 on Fiesta Island in San Diego. Half sporting event and half summer outdoor festival, Opening Day on Saturday was a blast!

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